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DLCF Compact Maize Flour Mill Plant


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DLCF Compact Maize Flour Mill Plant Introduction
Our company has many kinds of maize/corn processing machinery. According to market demand and refer to corn fine flour production trend at global, we developed this 6FWS series compact maize flour mill machinery, it is a classic model to make fine maize/corn flour. This machine is easy to operate, high efficient and energy saving. The available capacity is 200-1000kg/h.

It is made with best quality milling head and rollers and chain drive transmission system, micro-computerized system, meter display system, and micro feeding system, etc. This machine can produce super fine flour from 40 to 120 mesh. It has silo exchanging handle and bran discharging control. Customers can adjust machine and flour sieve to produce different grades of flour according to different market requirements. It also can make finest wheat flour and other cereal grains, it is not only for flour mill also can be used to many industry.

As a high tech enterprise in this industry, we are ready and happy to serve people around the world with high quality machinery and service.
6FWS compact maize flour mill machine 
DLCF Compact Maize Flour Mill Plant Features
1.High capacity and low energy.
2.Multi-functional to mill various cereal grains from rice, corn and beans, etc.
3.Designed for producing high fineness of wheat flour, flour mesh size ranges from 40-120.
4.Equipment with best importing grinding head and grinding rolls.
5.Automatic and micro-computer control, easy to operation.
6.Super space saving.
7.Reliable working performance, almost no wear parts.
8.Outer hull closed is easy to be cleaned.

DLCF Compact Maize Flour Mill Plant Technological process
    Corn peeling+Automatic feeding system+Flour milling

-- Corn peeling machine is to remove corn germ, remove root and black hilum then separate
-- Automatic feeding system to conveying the peeled corn into flour milling machine
-- Flour milling machine is to grind peeled corn into flour.

DLCF Compact Maize Flour Mill Plant Technical Parameters
Model DLCF-5 DLCF-10 DLCF-12 DLCF-15 DLCF-20
200-250 400-450 500 600-650 800-850
Peeling ratio 98% 98% 98% 98% 98%
Power 5.5 13.6 13.2 15 18.5
Size(mm) 750×750×3000 1200×1000×3400  2000×550×1840 2500×1000×3400 2600×1400×3400
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  • SCY Drum Sieve Pre-Cleaning

  • TQLM Planar Rotary Sifter

  • TQLZ High-Frequency Vibration C

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