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DLCF Large Scale Maize Flour Mill Plant


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DLCF Large Scale Maize Flour Mill Plant Introduction
DLCF Large Scale Maize Flour Mill Plant (produce grits, produce flour) with excellent automation solutions, maximum to reduce artificial expenditure, reduce production costs, its capacity from 100-1000T/D. Professional grain technology designers and debug engineers team to ensure that the process is advanced, not only reduce energy consumption, but also reduce the impurities, ash, bran effect on the finished product. All kinds of product's production rate and product quality have reached or exceeded the national standard, increase the competitiveness of the product market.
The whole set of equipment has advanced technology, excellent equipment, special purpose, reasonable layout, small dynamic consumption, high flour yield, good quality, etc. The products are widely used in food enterprises, sugar enterprises and beer enterprises.
According to the process requirements of each customer, we develop an effective solution to protect the maximize benefit of every customer. We have focused on the multigrain processing more than 10 years enables us to provide professional multigrain project consulting, design, manufacture, installation and project management services. 

 FTA maize flour mill plant
DLCF Large Scale Maize Flour Mill Plant Technological Process
1. The grain cleaning section: once sieve, once stone, once magnetic separation, and through the configuration of the air separation system, cleaning out miscellaneous, small miscellaneous from grain.
2. Embryo decorticate section: twice peeling, once polishing, twice screening and once selection.
Twice peeling, once polishing in order to protect the bran & embryo was removed cleanly, and through effective suction system to isolate flour and bran;
3. Sieve: the materials are separated according to the different size and different quality.
Select: according to the proportion of different material, through the combination of shingle and air flow to isolate the bran and broken embryos from material.
Grits produce: using the technology of refining grits, brush flour, sieve and classification suspension.
Refining grits: the material was crushed into grits and the low-hardness endosperm (white spot) was processed into corn flour;
Brush flour: separating the white flour from the material;
Sieve: classification the materials according to the size;
Suspension: separating the micro bran from grits with the airflow according to the different proportion of materials;
Flour produce: using multiple grinding and sieving processes;
Grinding mill: grinding the rough corn into corn flour;
Sieving: separating the corn flour from the material;
4. Metering packing: storage can reduce the artificial expenditure, packaging can use artificial or electronic.
The core equipment: vibration sieve, de-stoner, fan, suction duct, germ separator, embryo selection machine, peeling machine, polishing machine and flat screen.
Working Process:cleaning and stone removing-peeling-polishing and degerming-milling-sifting-milling
Technical Features
1. Compared to the corn wet processing technology, this process can reduce the equipment investment of grain pre-wetting and finished product drying;
2. Using corn dry complete sets of processing technology, there is no water is the process, the process is more health;
3. It is using our core patented peeling equipment to reduce the loss of the endosperm in the peeling process;
Equipment Technical Indicators
(1). Product types: corn grits, corn flour, corn bran.
(2). Power consumption:1T of corn's power consumption is 50-60 degrees;
(3). Finished product rate: corn grits: about 45-55%; corn flour: about 30-20%; corn bran, germ: about 25%, corn grits, corn flour total produced rate: 75-80%.
Finished Product Quality Index
(1). Corn flour thickness: 40-150 mesh (fineness can be arbitrarily adjusted)
(2). Sediment concentration: less than 0.002%
(3). Magnetic metal content: no more than 0.003g/kg
(4). Water: storage type: 13.5-14.5%
(5). Color and smell: Uniform particles, golden color, smooth particles without edges and corners, fine powder, pure taste
(6). Fat content: 1-2%

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  • SCY Drum Sieve Pre-Cleaning

  • TQLM Planar Rotary Sifter

  • TQLZ High-Frequency Vibration C

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