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DLCF Small Scale Maize Milling Plant


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DLCF Small Scale Maize/Corn Processing Plant Introduction
With the rapid development of the world economy and the acceleration of the grain circulation, the new technology and the small-scale problem of grain processing have been solved. Low input, high degree of automation of small flour processing equipment is more and more popular. Therefore, we have designed this kind of small flour processing equipment to meet the current market demand. This corn deep processing equipment has the advantages of less investment, less occupation of workers, less land occupation, high automation and advanced technical performance,  it is the best quality of small scale maize processing plant. Well come to choose our products! 

The whole assembly line consists of grain cleaning, maize peeling, maize milling and maize flour packing parts. The cleaning section include sifting, beat, moisture,brake machine, which can take out all the impurity of the maize,like the stone,plastic etc. The flour section include roller, double bin sifter,packing. This maize processing plant available capacity is 10T/D, 20T/D and 30T/D.

 6TYDT small maize/corn processing plant
DLCF Small Scale Maize/Corn Processing Plant Features
1.Novel structure, cover little area
2.Discharging equally
3.Less noise
4.Good stability
5.Simple operation
6.Convenient maintenance
DLCF Small Scale Maize/Corn Processing Plant Processing Flow
This line is consisting of three parts: cleaning, peeling and degerming, crushing, milling and packing. It adopts total dry technology to ensure the extraction of flour and grit and the quality to reach or even surpass the National Standard. Finished product is Grade maize flour, Grade maize grit, and maize bran and so on. The total equipments have advanced technology, high precision, high specification, reasonable layout, low consumption, high extraction and quality. This line can be widely used in Food Industry, Sugar Industry, and Bear Industry.
raw maize acceptance→raw maize cleaning →peeling and degerming →crushing and milling →automatic packing
1. Grain Clean: it adopts sieve, destoner, wiping, magnetic separation and air separation etc.
2. Peeling: Iron roller grinder was adopted to peel.
3. Fine Separation of Coarse Grind: it adopts paddle mill, and the different maize grits and flour through 2mm screen.
4. Milling: maize milling adopts two sets of flour mill, the maize goes through the roller mill grinding and round sieve milling, and then defatted coarse maize flour was get by through the 50-70 mesh screens.
 6TYDT small scale maize/corn processing plant
DLCF Small Scale Maize/Corn Processing Plant Technical Parameter

1. Capacity:10T/D
   Extraction rate:78%
   Power:26.5kw,3 phase,380v,50hz

2. Capacity:20T/D
   Extraction rate:85%
   Power:59.9kw,3 phase,380v,50hz

3. Production capacity:30T/D
    Main machines:High efficiency vibration sifter, Destoner, Damper,Peeling crusher,Embryo separator,Roller mill,Grading machine,Super-micro-particle pulverizer
    Products and extraction rate(%):
    Corn flour: 40-50%
    Corn grits: 35-40%
    Corn bran, coarse fodder:10-12%
    Embryo: 8-10%
    It can produce fine corn flour (all through 100M fiter)
    Products quality index:
    Sand content: ≤0.02%
    Fat content: ≤2.5%
    Magnetic metal content: ≤0.003%
    Moisture content: ≤13.5-14.5% (based on the raw corn according with national standard for raw grain storage)
    Power required: 65kw
    Workshop required:(L*W*H):21×6×7m

DLCF Small Scale Maize Milling Plant Working Video




  • SCY Drum Sieve Pre-Cleaning

  • TQLM Planar Rotary Sifter

  • TQLZ High-Frequency Vibration C

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