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FSFG Series Square Plansifter


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FSFG Square Plansifter Introduction
With multideck sieves, the FSFG series square plansifter is mainly used in the flour milling process of purification and grading, and can also be applied to other industries.

FSFG square plansifter
FSFG Square Plansifter Structure
FSFG Square Plansifter have the sieve box, transmission steel frame, beam, screen and other components. Transmission steel frame with transmission device and screen box with a certain number of screens on both sides were connected together by a detachable bolt and connected with the cross beam to form a sieve body of square plansifter. FSFG square plansifter is generally made up of feeding mechanism, screen body, outlet, screen body hanging mechanism and transmission mechanism.
The sieve body of FSFG square plansifter is divided into two symmetrical sieve boxes, each screen box can be composed of 2-4 sieves, each bin is stacked with a 10-30 layer square screen grid to form an independent screening unit.Two screen box by the upper and lower plate and steel frame into one. Vertical shaft device with special block in the center of the screen body, driven by its own motor. The whole screen body is hung by the hanging device in the beam of the workshop, free vibration can be generated, and the damping is small.

FSFG square plansifter            FSFG square plansifter

FSFG Square Plansifter Features
1. Unique sealing device for motor shaft end, to ensure that the flour does not enter the main engine;
2. The lower part of the main shaft is provided with a balance iron elastic supporting device;
3. Roller bearing: SKF spherical roller bearing, to ensure accurate concentric rotary;
4. The top grid of the filter box exploits regulating hold-down mechanism, which is simple and convenient, easy to operate;
5. Using the new type of filter box, new design pattern for screen chamber, which increase screen area and output;
6. The screen door and channel are tightly sealed, to prevent channeling powder and powder leakage;
7. Frame of flat screen adopts steel plate girder of the car, and is welded together, so it is of rigidity and fatigue resistance;
8. The whole machine is fully enclosed structure, the drive motor is built-in, the shape is beautiful and generous.

FSFG square plansifter                            FSFG square plansifter

FSFG Square Plansifter Working Principle
FSFG series square plansifter is driven by a motor which is installed inside the main frame and counter-balanced by a counterweight. Each machine has 4, 6, or 8 sections sieves inside. Different materials flow into different sections on their own route. According to individual design for different materials, the sieves sift different granular materials to different passages in flour mills when the whole machine is running.

FSFG Square Plansifter Application
1. It is widely used for fine classification of granule and sifting of flour materials.
2. It is mainly used for grinded wheat and middle material sifting and can also be used for flour check sifting.
3. Different sieving design serves for different sifting passages and different middle materials.

FSFG Square Plansifter Technical Parameters

Model Barn number Each storey layer Maximum sieving area
Spindle speed
(Rev / min)
Swivel diameter
Valid grid configuration
Top lattice height
FSFG640×4×27 4 27 32.3 245 ≤65 1900~1940 125 3 3200
FSFG640×6×27 6 27 48.4 245 ≤65 1900~1940 125 4 4200
FSFG640×8×27 8 27 64.6 245 ≤65 1900~1940 125 7.5 5600
FSFG740×4×27 4 27 41.3 245 ≤65 1900~1940 125 5.5 3850
FSFG740×6×27 6 27 62.1 245 ≤65 1900~1940 125 7.5 4800
FSFG740×8×27 8 27 82.7 245 ≤65 1900~1940 125 11 6000



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