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FQFD Flour Cleaning Machine


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Flour Cleaning Machine Introduction
Flour cleaning machine is a kind of food processing machinery. Its main function is to isolate pure or relatively pure endosperm particles from the residue of grinding materials. This flour cleaning machine is equipped with a dual layer screen surface of one screen body or with 2 or 3 layers of screen surface of double screen body, ventilation and air compartment.

flour cleaning machine   flour cleaning machine
Flour Cleaning Machine Features
1. Each screen surface is connected by 4 mesh sieve lattices with screen mash of different types.
2. The screen body is supported by four rubber springs of different sizes, and driven by the eccentric vibration motor.
3. The airflow goes upward through the 2 or 3 layers of screen surface, and enter into 32 chambers on the upper part of the screen body.
4. Air volume is adjusted by the interface of two air compartments.
Flour Cleaning Machine Working Principle
According to the traits of proportion, particle shape, surface character and aerodynamic characteristic, the materials put into the flour cleaning machine can be divided into 3 layers by the comprehensive effect of vibration, screen mash and air. After light bran is extracted, endosperm with skin will be output as over tails; next, endosperm will be put into grinding machine to eliminate the skin; then, pure and relatively pure endosperm particles be put into the mill as the screenings, and further be ground into flour.

FQL combination grain cleaning machine     
Flour Mill Machine technical parameters
Model Output(t/h) Power(kW) Weight(kg)   Dimension(mm)
FQFD 0.8-2.6 2×0.18 980 2700×1290×1675
FQFD 1.2-3.3 2×0.25 1100 2700×1490×1675



  • SCY Drum Sieve Pre-Cleaning

  • TQLM Planar Rotary Sifter

  • TQLZ High-Frequency Vibration C

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