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FSFS Double-Cabin Plansifter


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FSFS Double-Cabin Plansifter Introduction
SFS double-cabin plansifter is applied to small and medium-sized food processing factory.  It is suitable for all kinds of powder materials classification and widely used to classifying and screening in corn processing plants, flour mills, etc. It is an ideal device for particulate material classifying and screening and take advantages in large sieving area, good appearance, and convenient installation, etc..

FSFS double-cabin plansifter

FSFS Double-Cabin Plansifter Features

High sifting capacity
It is distinguished by a greater sifting area and optimal utilization of space. That enables the square plansifter to handle the highest through puts in the smallest space possible. High dynamic acceleration increases the intensity of the sieve motion, consequently improving the sifting effect.

Ideal product safety
During sieving and grading, partitions in the compartment channels ensure excellent sealing action. This prevents dust from the outgoing material from whirling up, thus ensuring high product safety. The stacked sieve frames are securely sealed off from one another. The tight sieve stack and an intelligent sealing system when doors are closed further guarantee dust-free operation and prevent cross-contamination of the products.

High sanitation
sieve cleaners, designed for combined cleaning of sieve covers and sieve trays, reach every corner and therefore make another key contribution to the machine's outstanding sanitation.

Durable drive system
The field-tested, robust drive with built-in motor is extremely durable-running costs decline as a result

FSFS Double-Cabin Plansifter Structure and Lattice

FSFS double bin flat screen is made up of two sieves, the screen body is suspended on the hanger of the metal structure through the boom, and the hanger is fixed on the ground. The two screen body is provided with an electric motor and a stressed block, and the form of the stressed block is provided with two types. One is the multi block lead activities, by increasing or decreasing the emphasis the mass can adjust the radius of gyration of the sieve; The other is a fixed two section of cast iron, adjust the angle of the two sector biased, can change the gyration radius of the screen body. Each sieve body can be stacked with 6-10 layer screen grid, the grid is directly stacked on the bottom of the screen, for there is no screen box, through the four fastening bolts of the four corners and the handle to press it.

FSFS double-cabin plansifter
There are four types of screen screen in FSFS double-bin flat screen. For double chamber flat screen no screen box, after the screening of materials required from the screen inside channel falls, so the screen grid is provided with four channels. The bigger the screen, the easier the screen surface deformation. In order to make the screen under the rapid discharge, the screen can be dropped from both sides at the same time, and the bottom plate from the center to the sides of a slight tilt.

FSFS double-cabin plansifter

Double-cabin plansifter working principle
The machine consists of the sieve frame, the screen and the cleaning balls. It is driven by a motor which installed underside of the main frame and counter-balanced by a counterweight. There are single section type, double sections and 4 sections type in this machine series. According to individual design for different material, the sieve sifts different granular materials to different next passages in flour mill when the whole machine is running.

FSFS Double-Cabin Plansifter Application
-Widely applied in modern flour mills rice grinding mill. 
-Mainly used for flour check sifting, also can be used for grinded wheat and middle material sifting in small mill.
-Different sieving design serves for different sifting passages and different middle materials.
The process of flour milling
The process of flour milling usually consists of the following: 
1. corn storage (silos, or warehouse) 
2. cleaning system (sifter, destoner, seperator, magnet, scourer, etc)
3. dampening (dampener, conditioning silos, etc)
4. milling system (roller mill, plansifter, purifier, impact detacher, etc.) 
5. Flour pressure and blending system (if need)
6. flour packing and stacking 
FSFS Double-cabin Plansifter Technical Parameters

Model Barn number Single storehouse grid number sieve area
Spindle speed
Sieve body rotation
FSFS2×10×83 2 10 9.1 260 2~2.5 Φ50~55 1.5 550~580 1680×1270×1500
FSFS2×12×83 2 12 10.9 260 5~10 Φ50~55 1.5 730~1000 2386×1678×2250
FSFS2×12×100 2 12 19.3 260 8~14 Φ50~55 2.2 1200~1600 2856×1811×2250
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