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6F Flour Mill Machine


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Flour Mill Machine Introduction
6F series flour mill machine is the main equipment of cereal processing plant, according to the characteristics of the grinding material to configure different drawing mill. It is ideal equipment to grain powder. It is a kind of machine that grinds all kinds of grains, medicines and other food into uniform powder of 50~200mm. Dependent on the refiner plate bestrewed with alveolus, the grain mill grinds materials into powder.
6F flour mill machine
6F Flour Mill Features
1. Continuous feeding operation, precise structure, low noise, easy operation
2. No dust is applied to supermarkets and shopping mall counters.
3. Flour mill has greatly made up for the disadvantages of iron mill which has rough appearance and big noise, meeting the demand of GMP food hygiene.

6F flour mill machine
6F Flour Mill Machine Application
1.All grain containing sesame, walnuts, rice, black rice, soybeans, mung beans, peanuts, lotus seed, maize, sorghum, barley, buckwheat, oats and other; various dry herbs containing almonds, tuckahoe, red dates, Gorgon fruit, Chinese wolfberry, coix seed, hawthorn, Chinese yam, radix polygoni multiflori, red bean, donkey hide gelatin, frankincense, dodder seed, Chinese angelica, Codonopsis, astragalus, etc..
2.This grinding machine can be applied to medicine processing industry, agriculture, food processing, chemical, alloy and metallurgy industry.

6F flour mill machine
The process of flour milling
1. wheat storage (silos, or warehouse)
2. cleaning system (sifter, destoner, seprater, magnet, scourer, etc)
3. dampening (dampener, conditioning silos, etc)
4. milling system (roller mill, plansifter, purifier, impact detacher, etc

6F flour mill machine
Flour Mill Machine technical parameters

Model Output Power Weight Dimension
6F2235 0.3t/h 5.5kw 350kg 720×800×615mm
6F2240 0.35t/h 7.5kw 430kg 720×850×615mm
6F2250 0.5t/h 11kw 500kg 720×900×615mm
6F2260 0.7t/h 15kw 600kg 720×1000×615mm



  • SCY Drum Sieve Pre-Cleaning

  • TQLM Planar Rotary Sifter

  • TQLZ High-Frequency Vibration C

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