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TXFL Suction Separator


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TXFL Suction Separating Machine Introduction
TXFL series suction separator is dedicated to suction and isolate light-weight impurities like shell, dust from grain such as wheat, corn, barley, oil, etc. It can be used in grain barn, flour mills, rice mill, corn processing plant, oil plant, feed-processing plant and alcohol plant, etc. Its prominent characteristics: large suction area, wind power saving, efficient air separation. With the advantages of small volume, compact structure, and convenient installation, it is ideal equipment for germ separation in corn processing.

TXFL suction separating machine
TXFL Suction Separating Machine Structure and Working process
The air suction separator is mainly composed of a feeding device, a cylinder, an observation door, a settling chamber, an air duct, an air flow regulating valve and a supporting leg. At work, the material is uniformly distributed on the surface of the cone through an adjustable material distributor and is free to fall in the settling chamber. The air valve in the settling chamber in reverse through the material through the air, the light impurities in the material (such as grains of imperfect grains, straw, dust etc.) separated.

TXFL suction separating machine

TXFL Suction Separating Machine Features
A suction separator has the advantages of high efficiency, small volume, compact structure, convenient installation, without power, dedicated to the grain in the air suction from the isolated hull, dust and other severe low impurities. The most important feature is the large area of wind, air suction saving, good separation effect, is to solve the mill 1 powder grinding ideal equipment with high ash content.
TXFL suction separating machine
TXFL Suction Separating Machine Technical Parameters
Model Rated input Suction volume Weight(Kg) Size
(diameter × height)
Cleaning Pre-cleaning Cleaning Pre-cleaning
TXFL50 6 20 1500 1800 85 500×1150
TXFL80 12 50 2800 3000 185 800×170
TXFL100 16 65 3500 3800 260 1080×2055
TXFL120 20 83 4100 4500 340 1280×2134
TXFL160 30 110 5800 6500 400 1680×2250
TXFL200 45 140 7000 8000 500 2120×2300



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