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TQSX Suction Vibration Destoner


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TQSX Suction Vibration Destoner Introduction
TQSX Suction Vibration Destoner is mainly used in food processing plants and feed processing plants. It can not only be applied to remove stone from rice, corn, wheat, soybean, sesame, rapeseed, malt and other materials, but also from other particles and chemical plastics. It is ideal advanced equipment for modern food processing enterprises. Under the role of wind pressure, grains and the stone automatic stratification. Through the action of the reciprocating motion of the plate, grains and stone move in the opposite direction, so as to achieve a good effect to remove stones.

TQSX suction vibration destoner
TQSX Suction Vibration Destoner Working Principle
TQSX Suction Vibration Destoner utilizes the property that the grains and the mixed stone are of different specific weight and suspension speed as well as the airflow that is blown upward through the grains, the machine keeps heavy impurity at the lower layer and uses a screen to force the material and impurity to move in different directions , thus separating the two of them.

 TQSX suction vibration destoner
TQSX Suction Vibration Destoner Features
1.This machine adopts vibration motor drive,compact structure, stable mechanical properties and stable operation.
2.Double layer sieve structure, good stone effect, large yield, the stone contains less grain.
3.Fully enclosed structure, no dust outside, the wind pressure can be adjusted, and there is a negative pressure display device.
4. Equipped with throttle valve to adjust air volume and wind pressure, and the pressure gauge is used to indicate the wind pressure.
5. With long life fluorescent lighting system, easy to observe.

TQSX Suction Vibration Destoner Technical Parameters

Model TQSX180×2 TQSX150×2 TQSX120×2
Output(t/h) 20-25 8-12 6.0-15.0
Power(kw) 0.55×2 0.3×2 0.3×2
Weight(kg) 1060 710 600
Dimension(mm) 1749×2206×2410 1640×1837×1852 1580×1516×1875



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