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TQLM Planar Rotary Sifter


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TQLM Planar Rotary Sifter Introduction
TQLM planar rotary sifter is designed and manufactured of combination cleaning equipment by our company with international advanced professional technology. This rotary sifter is used primarily for grain cleaning in the milling plant, such as wheat, durum, corn(maize), rye, soybeans, buck wheat, spelt, millet and rice. By replacing the sieve plates with different apertures, the impurities in the granular materials can be cleared. Combined with wind, TQLM rotary sifter cleaning sieve runs with several tracks at the same time. It is mainly used to clean big, small and light impurities is granular stuff. The size of sieve pore can be adjusted according to the size and shape of raw material, and by adjusting rotary speed and weight of balance block, its amplitude is changed so as to achieve the optimum cleaning effect. The machine has the advantages of long processing route, large processing capacity, low energy consumption, good grading effect, low noise and simple operation. Especially suitable for dealing with impurity removal and classification of particulate matter with high yield and impurity. It is an ideal cleaning equipment for grain processing enterprise intensive industry, scale and upgrading.

TQLM planar rotary sifter machine    TQLM planar rotary sifter machine
TQLM Planar Rotary Sifter Working principle
First, the grains go into the distribution device through inlet, and then get on the first sifter after being equally distributed by the distribution plate. The sifter does circular motion to fast spread the materials and sift for a long time to increase efficiency. The big impurities are on the first sifter and discharged from side outlet. The impurities under fall on the second sifter with grains and small impurities on the sifter which moves back and forth in the rear and quickly go into vertical air suction separator through outlet. Then the grains and small impurities are separated and micro impurities under the second sifter are discharged through the bottom outlet.

TQLM planar rotary sifter machine

TQLM Planar Rotary Sifter Features
1.Uses the suspender structure, the combination sieve body does the plane revolving movement, smooth operation, low noise, low energy consumption, long material screening route, big screening area, high processing quantity and good cleaning classification effect;
2.Through the automatic material distributing and homogenizing device, the material flow is stable and the distribution is uniform, improve the screening effect and classification ability;
3.Inlet and outlet are equipped with suction device, strengthen the role of winnowing, split flow effect is obvious;
4.The screen grid in the combined sieve body is made of metal material, the sieve is made of metal plate with high flatness. It has the advantages of large intensity, small occupied space, long service life, convenient and flexible replacement. The user can choose different aperture sieve according to different situations of materials, to achieve the best cleaning effect;
5.The machine screen surface has automatic cleaning device, concentration of impurities, good cleaning effect is not blocked, completely solve the problem of regular cleaning screen surface, greatly reducing the cost of use;
6.Configuration air volume adjustment device, according to different material conditions at any time to adjust the air volume, ensure the cleaning effect is always stable and reliable;
7.High degree of automation, simple operation, the screen body with the motor brake device driver and setting up the vibration monitor, can quickly stop, good vibration damping effect, to ensure the safe operation of machines.

TQLM planar rotary sifter machine              TQLM planar rotary sifter machine
TQLM Planar Rotary Sifter Application
This TQLM plane rotary sieve is applied to separate bigger impurities and the smaller miscellaneous than wheat from the wheat by making use of the rotation of the screen body. This machine mainly used for wheat , rice, corn, beans, etc., according to the size of materials with different size hole mesh. The paddy cleaner can remove all sizes of impurities from grain during plane rotary motion. The sieve surface rotates is the plane, while the movement of materials on the sieve surface is spiral, so it can ensure the sufficient screening for high cleaning efficiency.

 TQLM planar rotary sifter machine
TQLM Planar Rotary Screen Technical Parameter
Model Screen size
Capacity(t/h) Weight(kg) Power(kw) Dimension(mm) 
TQLM63×100 63×100 2-3 500 0.75 1355×936×946
TQLM80×150 80×150 3-5 635 0.75 2120×1265×1645
TQLM100×150 100×150 5-8 750 0.75 2120×1465×1645
TQLM125×150 125×150 8-12 885 1.1 2120×1715×1645
TQLM160×150 160×150 12-16 996 1.1 2120×2065×1645
TQLM200×200 200×200 60 1216 1.5 2620×2456×1645
TQLM200×250 200×250 90 1531 1.5 3120×2456×1745
TQLM200×300 200×300 120 1823 2.2 3620×2465×1845
TQLM200×350 200×350 160 2196 2.2 4120×2456×1945
TQLM200×400 200×400 200 2576 3.0 4620×2456×2045



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