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F4-72 Low-pressure Centrifugal Fan


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Function of Low-Pressure Centrifugal Fan
The use F4-72 type centrifugal fan is mainly used for conveying corrosive gas, but the gas contains no viscous substance. Dust and hard particles contained is not greater than 150mg / m3, and gas temperature shall not be more than 80°C. F4-72 type centrifugal ventilation machine is made of stainless steel, glass steel or other anti-corrosion materials, its performance and dimension of the foundation is the same as 4-72 type centrifugal fan.

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Low-Pressure Centrifugal Fan Classification
Viewing from one side of the motor, the impeller rotating clockwise is “right cyclone cluster”, designated as "right"; impeller rotating anticlockwise is “left cyclone cluster”, designated as “left”. The export position of fan is designated by the angle of air outlet. F4-72 fan №2.8~6 are made into one model when leaving the factory, so the required place of installation is dependent on the user, and no indication is needed in orders. The outlet position adjustment range of №2.8 is 0°~255°, and the interval is 45°; №16 outlet position is made into fixed pattern with three degrees of 0°, 90°, and 180°. The order must indicate the transmission mode of fan. There are three types of transmission,  A type for motor direct drive, B, C, E type of belt drive, D, F as the coupling transmission.

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outlet position of F4-72 centrifugal fan schematic diagram

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F4-72 centrifugal fan transmission type
Low-Pressure Centrifugal Fan Structure
In 4-72 type fan, № 2.8 ~ 6 is mainly composed of impeller, casing, air inlet, motor and other parts. Besides the above parts, № 8 ~ 16 also contains transmission parts: (1) impeller: comprised of 10 backward airfoil blades, front coil of curve type and plane back coil, made of steel plate, kept balance by both dynamic and static power; good air performance, high efficiency and smooth operation. (2) the casing: made into two types. № 2.8 ~ 12 casing is made as a whole, and can't be taken apart. № 16 is made into three chassis. For the first step, it can be divided into two parts from the middle line, for the second step, it can be divided from the center line on the upper place. The three parts are connected by bolts. (3) the air inlet: made as a whole, set in one side of the fan. The switch is put parallel to the axial cross section for the purpose that air can flow smoothly into the impeller, and make less loss.(4) drive: comprised of main shaft, bearing box, flow of bearing, pulley or coupling.

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Low-Pressure Centrifugal Fan Structure
F4-72 low-pressure centrifugal fan technical data

Model Power(KW) Speed(RPM) Pressure(Pa) Air volume(m3/h) Dimension
4-72-3A 1.1 2825 580 2183 560×430×480
4-72-3A 0.75 2820 400 1000 500×400×450
4-72-3.3A 2.2 2840 792 3517 540×540×670
4-72-3.6A 3 2870 989 5268 580×580×730
4-72-3.8A 4 2890 1154 6340 620×620×760
4-72-4A 5.5 2900 1320 7419 647×647×789
4-72-4.5A 7.5 2900 1673 10562 728×728×885



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